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“Thank you Katie for the experience, I truly believe that your Yoga classes gave me a different outlook and preparation, as a result I feel that my journey throughout the process was enriched and that my recovery has been eased. ”
Beth, Thornbury

Hi Katie,

Just a quick email to let you know that Elena was born last Monday I was very fortunate with the labour, without a doubt the yoga helped immensely. I had my waters break at 9am in the morning and went in to hospital to have it checked out. The doctor sent me home and told me to go for a long walk because the labour hadn’t kicked in yet. My husband Nick and I went to Lygon street for some lunch and shopping, my contractions were only intermittent, every 30 minutes or so and not painful. We arrived home at 3:30pm and by 4pm the contractions were about 15 minutes apart and regular and I was using the breathing that we learnt in yoga to get through them. The labour then progressed very quickly, with contractions progressing to 5 minutes by 5pm and 2 minutes by 5:30pm, which was when we rushed to the hospital again. The pain was really intense by then. When I arrived at the hospital I told the nurse I felt like pushing and she said that I was already fully dilated, so the pushing stage started and Elena was born an hour and a half later at 7:30pm. It all went so quickly that I didn’t even have the option of pain relief.
Thank you so much for your wonderful classes, they helped me get through the labour and they are helping me get through the stressful periods now. I hope to see you in the Mums and Bubs classes soon.

Take care Paula, Northcote

I’ll thrilled to tell you of the arrival of my baby Xavier who arrived on his due date on September 1.  His birth was such a different experience compared to Lucy’s.  This time I DIDN’T get scared and therefore felt much more in control.  I didn’t need any gas or medication.  Concentrating on my breathing, relaxing between contractions (your mantra!) and listening to music got me over the line.  I spent most of the time on the fitball gently rocking back and forth, then during a contraction I stood up and leant over the bed.  When it came time to push, he only needed three contractions and he was here.  The whole thing was over in about 6 hours.  I’m not saying it was easy or enjoyable – but it was certainly easier this time around.  I was really able to control the situation through my breathing, being focused and being upright and active. Thanks again for all your encouragement, support and friendship throughout the pregnancy.  I believe it made such a difference to the birth.

All the very best, Liz, Northcote

Hi Katie, My daughter has been born! Layla Blue was born on Saturday 29 August at 4.55am after a wonderful medical intervention free labour at the Mercy Family Birth Centre. All I can say is that it was such an amazing experience and I feel completely blessed that I had such a empowering, spiritual and positive labour journey. I know that the carers, educators and teachers that I surrounded myself with during the pregnancy had a huge role to play in what a wonderful labour I had and that includes you Katie!

I finally went into labour spontaneously in the early hours of Friday morning, after a couple of days of strong period like pain, bouncing on the fit ball and gentle yoga practice, contractions kicked in at 2.00am Friday morning but I found them very managable, using breath and relaxation techniques to take me through the night. They increased throughout Friday but I still found I could get on with normal activities just stopping to deal with the contraction and then onto the next thing. So after speaking with the birth centre they suggested that Justin and I just rest, watch a DVD and go for a gentle walk. So after a day of just mooching in the late afternoon we went for a walk and that really got things going.

By Friday night I was in active labour with contractions coming every 5 minutes and lasting 40 – 60 seconds. I used forward bending positions at this stage, over the fit ball and leaning against anything waist height, relaxing in between contractions was key at this point and allowed me to conserve energy for the rest of the labour!. By 10.30pm my contractions were 2 mins apart, lasting 60 sec so it was time for the birth centre. Once at the birth centre it was in the tub for a while and more dynamic active birthing positions, changing every 20 minutes or so. Vocalisation was my biggest tool, matching the intensity of the contractions with my voice, I certainly did not hold back!

So, second stage lasted 55 minutes and I gave birth on a birth stool which was great, I am sure all the squatting helped! Thanks Katie for all your support over the last 7 months and Layla and I look forward to coming to Mum and Bubs class. Jess, Brunswick, Melbourne

hi katie, just a quick one-handed email as have  joe in other arm… we are both well,joe arrived at 2.26pm on Sunday 26th july, birth was longer and more challenging than with asher-but still a great experience, a  natural,drug free water birth,he was 4 kilos (over a kilo heavier than asher) and came out with hand up against face, so an interesting shape to manouver through the birth canal!  managed no tears and am feeling reaaly good, not really sore at all-amazing,but a think a real testimony to the pelvic floor and breathing and strengthening exercises you teach at yoga. So thankyou for your wonderful classes, i enjoyed them so much.  all is going well, just enjoying this special time and my two beautiful boys! Will hopefully make it to some mums and bubs yoga. wish all the saturday girls all the best for the remainder of their pregnancies and safe and joyous arrivals from me. x Bel, North Fitzroy

After joining beyoga’s pregnancy classes and absolutely loving them, I was eager to get back into yoga after the birth of my baby Tye.  Tye was 8 weeks old when we joined the Mums and Bubs yoga class.  From the first class, whilst being out and about with Tye, I felt totally comfortable.  I could feed him as he needed and not get embarrassed if he cried.  The enjoyment I got from doing something for myself (looking after my body), socialising with Tye and hearing other mothers ‘talk babies’ made a huge difference to my week. I learnt relaxation techniques, including chants (which Tye loves) and core strengthening techniques, which have proven invaluable.  Thanks Katie for providing a lovely space for me to connect with myself and my baby. Lily and Tye, North Carlton

Hi Katie, I had a little girl, Polly last Tuesday. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your wonderful yoga classes.. I had a really long early labour and found all the breathing and rocking/swaying positions really helpful. Helped to stay home pretty relaxed until it was all on with only three hours at the hospital til she was born. Pip North Fitzroy

Hi Katie, Thank you so much for all your support throughout my pregnancy. I really enjoyed your classes and your warm words of wisdom & humour. I always felt calmer, both physically and emotionally, after each class. Brigid North Fitzroy

Hi Katie, Finally had my bub yesterday morning – a little boy – It was a successful VBAC at home in the birth pool. I definitely credit the pregnancy yoga with giving me strength, flexibility and, most importantly, confidence in my body’s ability to do what it was meant to do. It also gave me so many options for movement/ positions to deal with the pain (not that i ever quite found the perfect one while it was all happening!) So thankyou. It was a lovely class and i will miss coming on Tuesdays. Cheers, Ann – Brunswick, Melbourne

Hi Katie, I had a fantastic labour – quite long but very calm and only really hard in the last couple of hours. I kept really active, and used a lot of the yoga positions – lots of rocking and supported upright positions. I didn’t need pain relief, the bath and the shower were my saving grace! Afterwards I didn’t even feel like I’d been through labour. I really enjoyed your classes, they fit exactly with what I wanted to achieve from pregnancy yoga, and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the group was great. Caitlin – Brunswick, Melbourne

Thanks Katie. And thankyou sooo much for your wonderful yoga classes this year. They have been something that I have looked forward to each week. Your guidance during the pregnancy classes really helped me experience my labour with confidence. Milos and I can’t wait to continue mum and bub yoga in 2009. Have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and New Year! Cheers Emily.

Hi Katie, > We had a very eventful new year with the birth of Harvey at 2am on new years day. He was two weeks early, but thankfully he decided not to stick around because he was 4.2kg! (that’s 9 and a quater pounds). We managed to have a natural birth and dont think I could have done it without the yoga. The positions that we;d been practicing throughout the classes, especially cat pose and all the squatting was invaluable, as was the breathing which gave me the ability to focus internally when needed. Also – I tracked down that Spirit of Yoga CD and played it about 4 or 5 times during my labour! I didnt want to listen to anything else! So thankyou for your wonderful classes and all the tips you give throughout them. I look forward to joining the mother and baby classes, so please add me to that email list. Anna and Harvey, Brunswick Melbourne

“I really believe that regularly going to your classes helped me immensely throughout my pregnancy and labour and continues to be of benefit now that I’m a new mum.

I am grateful for your genuinely kind and caring approach to all of us mums to be, as well as your obvious love and understanding of yoga. While I had done lots of yoga before and found your classes both relaxing and challenging, there were many mums-to-be totally new to yoga who you accommodated easily and who seemed to get just as much as out of it as me. So once again many thanks.” Nada, East Brunswick, Melbourne

“Prenatal yoga was fantastic for relaxation during my pregnancy. I’d go home revitalised & replenished after a class. With my second pregnancy I had problems with pelvic instability which limited the yoga poses I could do, however the overall session was still challenging, and I enjoyed feeling stretched and lighter. ” Kate Northcote, Melbourne

“Prenatal yoga was an important and essential part of my pregnancy.    Katie’s classes are warm and personal and she modifies the poses to  suit the varying abilities and yoga experience levels of each of her  students.  Her classes have a lovely blend of physical poses,  visualisations and relaxation that enhance the pregnancy and I looked  forward each week to my next class.” Myf – Northcote, Melbourne

” I chose this prenatal yoga class initially because I felt confident from my first phone conversation with Katie that she genuinely knew what she was talking about with regard to prenatal yoga. I’ve really enjoyed the classes so far, and have found that they’ve been useful throughout various stages of pregnancy – most of the poses can be as challenging or as gentle as you want them to be, depending on how you feel that week. The stretching and breathing practice I suspect will be really useful through labour, and these are skills that I didn’t feel I could get through more traditional forms of exercise. I’ve also found many poses have been useful to call on to help with various symptoms throughout pregnancy, such as lower back pain. I found weekly classes important as I needed regular contact with a class to make sure I did the poses correctly…and because much as I swear I will, I hardly ever get around to practicing at home. As I get bigger and slower this is about the only form of physical activity I still look forward to!” Anna – Kinglake

” I excitedly attended Katie’s classes from 5mths into my pregnancy.  They were fabulous; after each class I felt energized and more deeply connected to my body and my baby.  Each class was made up of similar asanas to the weeks before which meant I could observe my body strengthening and witness the changes I needed to make for my baby and my body along the course of pregnancy.  I would highly recommend Katie’s classes to all women” Natalie North Carlton, Melbourne

“I found Katie’s prenatal yoga classes to be extremely beneficial in
preparing me for a positive natural labour and birth. I utilized many of the
poses during my contractions, particularly the “cat pose” which assisted me
in pain management. Consequently I enjoyed a drug-free experience and have a
happy healthy baby as a result!” Joanne Barrett, Brunswick, Melbourne

“Hi Katie I wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy on the 26th of July. He was 3.1kg which is great since I did have diabetes. The labour went pretty smoothly and I drew heavily on the resources I gained from attending your class. So thanks! I can see now why you emphasised the warrior poses not just for labour but for mother hood as well.” Natalie Brunswick, Melbourne

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer seeks the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the Archer’s hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.”

–Kahilil Gibran “The Prophet”