Stories and pregnancy yoga testimonials.

“I honestly think coming to your prenatal yoga class for the last 3 months of my pregnancy was the best birth preparation I have done, and I would recommend your pregnancy yoga classes to anyone I know who is pregnant- Naomi”

How are you? Hope you’re well and happy.
Very happy to let you know we welcomed our new lil lady (a girl! – life is full of surprises) on 14th jan – a Tuesday, so it could have happened in class! – and all went well. Super quick. 4-5cm before I even realised I was in labour…and 1.5hrs later with 10min pushing…she was here, happy and healthy! 🙂
I remembered and used lots of the ideas from prenatal yoga class and felt really prepared and confident. So a big thanks! 🙂
Hope to see you sometime soon for mums n bubs.

Hi Katie,
We had a little girl “Emma” on Wednesday morning!
41 weeks but we got there in the end! I had a fantastic induction massage on Monday so dont know if that helped but it felt great! I was heading in for the prostaglandin gel on Tuesday arvo and my waters broke Tuesday morning by themselves. Still had the gel because nothing else seemed ready to go and that kicked things off straight away. I definitely found it easier to be on my feet during it all, I was in labour for less than 12 hours all up really only about 8 that were the worse part, but I think it caught everyone by surprise, as I had been in an observation room at the hospital my husband wasn’t there, by the time I moved to a birth suite, called my husband and the obstetrician arrived it was just before 4am and Emma was born at 4:20am! So thankfully all went well and everyone made it in time. I had just started to ask about pain relief when we realised it was time to push but all was fine and I am feeling good so far.
Thanks for all your support and advice throughout my pregnancy I have really appreciated the prenatal yoga classes and will be in touch about mum and bub classes as soon as I can!
Thanks again, speak soon


Hi Katie, I had my baby this week, at 39,1 weeks…. My waters broke Wednesday morning and they wanted to induce me but I said wait please, I know labour will come quick, so they agreed to wait until Thursday morning. And I had a 7 hour labour that night! (phew) Definitely used your pregnancy yoga tools such as positions and breathing….cat stretch great and on hands and knees. Also the breathing – especially to relax in between contractions and pushing.

Ouch! is all I can say….
So thanks for your practise! I’m so glad I went regularly.
Have a great time in France,
Sam Tiller

Hi Katie

Last Friday I gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Mona. Mona was 9 pounds! and 52 cm ; The best of all is that I have had a successful VBAC. I’m so proud of myself. During labour I’ve tried lots of different yoga positions and the breathing helped a lot. Thank you for your great pregnancy yoga classes.

Love Christine

Hi Katie,
Hope you are well. All is wonderful here, I am loving motherhood, not working and our gorgeous baby girl!
I know Amy gave you the news about little Lily, but I just wanted to email and say thanks and show you some piccies.
I still can’t believe I gave birth naturally without any hard drugs, I am a bit impressed with myself 🙂 Its all a blur but the pregnancy yoga breathing most definitely got me through those contractions and your mantra “my body knows how to give birth” kept repeating over and over in my head. I was surprised by how calm I was throughout and I think yoga in general has made me a much more relaxed and balanced person so thank you!
I saw Amy on Sunday and commented about how I miss our Tuesday nights heaps. Once Lily and I have more of a routine, we’ll see if we can make it to mum and baby yoga along with Amy. No news from her as yet, she’s still waiting!
Thanks again and take care, Brooke

Hi Katie,
I can’t make it on Tuesday either because our wee lil’ boy arrived at 6.11am on Thursday morning!! I wasn’t expecting him to come right on time at all!! All went smoothly and a very quick but intense 2 hours! Amongst other wisdoms, the little Katie voice reminded me to breath the baby out and try and elongate the out breaths which was really helpful and helped me stay focused- so a BIG THANK YOU, it really helped me through!!
We’ve named our little boy Ravi Raymond Sutton (Sanskrit for sun- considering he was born on the longest night and Raymond after his great grandpa and being a cute little sun ray!) Reuben seems to be adjusting okay and main problem so far is to prevent him over smooching his little bro!
Thanks again for your wonderful classes and please pass on best wishes to all the mamma’s over the coming weeks and months!

Love Lizzie (Brunswick Melbourne)

Hi Katie, just wanted to let you know I won’t be at pregnancy yoga tonight because I gave birth to our beautiful little girl Josie on Sunday! We’re both doing very well. It was a very quick birth (3 1/2 hrs from the first contractions! Only just made it to the hospital) but felt manageable using all the breathing and other relaxation techniques we’ve been practicing over the last few months. Thanks so much for such wonderful classes! I really think it makes such a difference. Best of luck and happy births to the rest of the girls! Jess

Hi Katie,

Thank you again for all your advice and pregnancy yoga exercises which helped bring baby Alice into the world last Tuesday – I did your pregnancy yoga routines all through early labour and could not have given birth without the deep breathing you taught us – in the end the breathing is crucial!

Thank you so much, what a wonderful job you have to be able to help and empower women through birth. I’ve always felt very supported and empowered by you, for both my children’s births, and will miss the classes. Liz, Melbourne

Hi Katie, I missed one of the last pregnancy yoga classes I was to attend as I delivered my little boy right on time! I wanted to thank you for your classes as they ccontributed to creating a wonderfully calm, positive experience for me in my labour. I laboured almost entirely at home, attending the hospital at 8am after labouring all night, and my little boy, Elijah was born at 8.30am, with no pain relief needed. I kept focusing on my baby, which is something I remember you repeating in our class and reminding myself that my body knows how to deliver my baby – which it did. Thank you for the classes and the lessons I learnt, which made a difference to me and my experience. Many thanks, Rebecca Haidar

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the little chat today, and thank you, so, so very much once again for the holistic counselling session that really did shift things for me immensely! As you know we had been trying to fall pregnant for over 14 months and it just wasn’t happening. Their wasn’t anything significantly wrong with either myself or my hubby from a medical point of view…so our fertility “difficulties” were very much unexplained?!

Within myself I guess I instinctively knew that there was something on an emotional level that was “blocking” me, but I think I was still a little sceptical or not 100% convinced that our emotions can play such funny games with our physicality. I started to help myself with various things to understand what was going on with me, and your counselling session was the “Cheery On Top!”.

Your genuine, gentle, welcoming and wonderfully calm approach was the catalyst in helping me to let my guard down and open up to myself. It really isn’t easy facing yourself sometimes, but at no stage (even through my intense teary and anxious moments of the session) did I feel at all unsafe or misunderstood…just completely safe, guarded, and guided by you into my inner sanctuary of self healing. And so unbeknownst to me, we fell pregnant a few days after my session with you…I still can’t believe it! 🙂

Thank you for doing the work that you do! Venessa
Hi Katie, A quick email to let you know that we had our beautiful baby boy yesterday, we have named him Hugo Richard Hutchinson and we are just in love all over again! I had a marathon of pre labour, starting Saturday night (after an afternoon of swimming) until active labour kicked in about 4am Monday morning. I used lots of yoga positions and breathing during pre labour, managing to rest or sleep in between contractions, which was so essential as it lasted such a long time. Your voice was in my head ‘and rest, let go…’ We headed off to the birth centre at 7am monday morning and Hugo was born 3 hours later in the shower, me on all fours! (the midwife did turn the shower off just in time!) So in the end my actual hard working active labour was very quick and I was in a squat and then on all fours during second stage which was really effective position for me. Once again your guidance, generous spirit and love have made a huge impact on my pregnancy and labour. The rhythmic nature of your classes instills such an amazing foundation for anyone who is searching for an empowered birth experience. Thanks Katie so much, I will miss my Tuesday night classes very much! Jess Brunswick


I have a little update of my own… In week 40 I went into labour- which was a good thing as I had a scan that Tuesday which indicated a couple of complications. Anyway labour failed to progress in the end (after over 20hours in the first stage and phase of labour), babe got distressed and emergency c-section was required. So we welcomed baby boy Jake Giuseppe Villella on Wednesday 15th June.

Although, things did not play out like many would hope, I still used what I had practiced in your pregnancy yoga classes. I kept positive and with my breath. The most important thing is I didn’t panic when it all became an “emergency”, I was able to remain calm and listen to what the medical team were telling us and I believe this was because of what I learnt to do in your class. So thank you.

And also, although there are some feelings of disappointment that I wasn’t able to have a birth with minimal medical intervention, a comment you made during one pregnancy yoga class about women putting too much pressure on themselves for a “natural birth”, has actually helped me overcome those feelings of disappointment that creep up from time to time. Again, thank you.

All the best to the other women in the class and I hope to see you again in the future. You provide a great and very enjoyable service.
Kind Regards Tennille and Jake.

Dear Katie, I thought I’d send you a brief email to let you know our little girl Baya April Lenne arrived safe & sound last Sunday (it means ‘Joy’ in Mongolian). I felt I coped so much better during this labor (even the midwife guessed I had practiced pregnancy yoga) using the same music as in our pregnancy yoga class & the affirmations/visualisations. It got me through wonderfully & I really have you to thank for that. For making my birth something to be experienced in the most positive way & not something to have feared. Love Prilla