Fertility yoga and counselling (coupled with any other fertility treatments you are having) can release emotional and somatic blockages and help you during a, more often than not, very stressful time.

Your fertility session with me will consist of:

physical postures;
breathing practices incorporating pelvic floor awareness;
deep rest and relaxation;
intentions and mantras;
Any counselling that is needed to unravel and work with emotional blockages.

For private sessions of fertility counselling and or fertility yoga please contact Katie either by phone 0448995915 or email beyoga

“Hi Katie,

Thanks for the little chat today, and thank you, so, so very much once again for the holistic counselling session that really did shift things for me immensely! As you know we had been trying to fall pregnant for over 14 months and it just wasn’t happening. Their wasn’t anything significantly wrong with either myself or my hubby from a medical point of view…so our fertility “difficulties” were very much unexplained?!

Within myself I guess I instinctively knew that there was something on an emotional level that was “blocking” me, but I think I was still a little sceptical or not 100% convinced that our emotions can play such funny games with our physicality. I started to help myself with various things to understand what was going on with me, and your counselling session was the “Cherry on top”.

Your genuine, gentle, welcoming and wonderfully calm approach was the catalyst in helping me to let my guard down and open up to myself. It really isn’t easy facing yourself sometimes, but at no stage (even through my intense teary and anxious moments of the session) did I feel at all unsafe or misunderstood…just completely safe, guarded, and guided by you into my inner sanctuary of self healing. And so unbeknownst to me, we fell pregnant a few days after my session with you…I still can’t believe it!

Thank you for doing the work that you do! Vanessa”