primary school wellbeing incursions

Primary school wellbeing incursions can be tailor made for each school. Beyoga has 18 years experience teaching primary students wellbeing and yoga in schools.

The programs can consist of yoga, meditation, relaxation and creative visualisation, dance and movement, philosophy discussions, cognitive and mindfulness tools to enhance creativity and emotional intelligence.


Beyoga facilitates wellbeing programs that are suitable for your particular school. The programs can be more meditative and relaxation based or they can have elements of physical yoga and creative dance practice. The program can be organic in nature, and as Katie, the director, has had 18 years working with children in wellbeing, she is more than qualified to create the perfect wellbeing incursion for your school.


contact beyoga either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or email beyoga to book a wellbeing incursion for your school.

David Caruso “It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head — it is the unique intersection of both.”

Relaxation and meditation helps teach children to breathe naturally and fully allowing them to calm their mind and unblock emotions. Concentration and visualization exercises help children to learn to sit still, get in touch with their inner selves, focus their minds and avoid outside distractions so that they enjoy the present moment. Yoga helps to balance the logical and rational left side of the brain with the more creative, intuitive and imaginative right side. Yoga for children will help develop their self-esteem as the classes help promote a positive self-image, in a non-competitive safe and fun environment.

Yoga is the perfect addition to any primary physical education or personal development program. Children are naturally flexible and agile and yoga helps maintain these physical qualities. At a deeper level the bending and twisting motions of the postures help massage internal organs sending fresh blood along the spinal column helping to release physical and emotional tension.

Yoga and dance and movement helps immensely with gross motor skills and is the perfect adjunct to occupational therapy for children as it requires strength, concentration and left and right brain co-ordination.

Yoga will combine well with traditional physical education and sports programs as the postures help balance the strength and flexibility of a child.

Yoga will help with a child’s posture allowing the spine to become straighter, sending fresh nutrients and blood to the spinal muscles and disks. Having a healthy spine helps digestion, breathing and concentration. If a child spends time doing yoga it will help counteract the time they spend watching TV and sitting at a desk and computer.

When children feel positive and happy about themselves they are less likely to be influenced by the opinions of their peers and also less likely to “bully” other children.

“The students at St. Pauls’ Coburg have thoroughly enjoyed beyoga’s wellbeing program. They experienced different ways to exercise their bodies and learnt valuable methods to help keep a healthy body and mind. The sessions are entertaining and the students look forward to participating in them.” Paul PE Co-ordinator
Class Format

All wellbeing programs are designed for the specific age groups and taught accordingly to keep the children interested, ie non-competitive games. Prep classes are taught through imagination and story telling, whereas older classes utilise a more physical and dynamic approach, with emphasis on the physical, emotional and mental benefit of the postures. All classes have elements of postures, breathing and relaxation helping to integrate a child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

If the school requires there can be more detail on philosophy, and mindful techniques to help promote positive self esteem.

Schools at which beyoga has taught include: Billanook College, Year 10; Mentone Boys Grammar year 12, Our lady of the Sacred Heart, Bentleigh Yr 10 – 12, Melbourne Girls Grammar year 8 – 9; St Pauls Primary School, Coburg prep – year 6; Rosanna Primary School prep – grade 6; Doncaster East High School Year 8; Isabel Henderson Kindergarten North Fitzroy; Footscray City High School, year 9; Caulfield Junior College; Mercy College for Girls, Coburg, year 9; Merri Creek Primary School, North Fitzroy, prep & 1, Grade 3 & 4; St Marks Primary School, Coburg; Prep, 1 and 2; Alphington Primary School, Prep, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4; Regency Park Primary School, Prep; Ballarat Secondary College, Year 8; Mill Park Heights Primary School Prep.

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