pregnancy yoga

pregnancy yoga

February prenatal yoga classes, Brunswick, next classes Monday 25th and Tues 19th and 26th Feb 5.20 at AKA yoga Studio Brunswick – 130c Nicholoson

No classes after February

If you would like more information please contact Katie either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or email beyoga

Pregnancy yoga one on one sessions:

Alleviating Anxiety around birth
Create physical strength and flexibility for an empowered active birth
Pelvic Floor strengthening
Understanding your emotions and alleviating negative thoughts
Connecting deeply with your unborn baby

Pregnancy yoga one on one sessions available with Katie in East Brunswick, Northcote or at your own home. Take home real techniques that you can start using as soon as you leave the session. contact Katie either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or email beyoga

“Mona was 9 pounds! and 52 cm ; The best of all is that I have had a successful VBAC. I’m so proud of myself. During labour I’ve tried lots of different yoga positions and the breathing helped a lot. Thank you for your great pregnancy yoga classes”.

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Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with your baby and prepare your body for both birth and becoming a mother.  Katie has been teaching pregnancy yoga in Melbourne since 2000 and offered a unique program of breath and body movement and strengthening to help facilitate the birth of many babies from 2000 to 2018 in Melbourne

Katie believes that not only should a woman prepare her body for the birth but also her mind and emotions for becoming a mother.  

Infant research has shown There are many profound benefits to practicing pregnancy yoga. Studies have consistently found:

Prenatal yoga provided significant benefits, and no adverse effects were reported. Significant findings from the randomized studies included an increase in infant birth weight, lower incidence of pregnancy complications, shorter duration of labor, and less pain among yoga practitioners. Significant findings from the non-randomized and qualitative studies included decrease in pain, improved quality of sleep, increased maternal confidence, and improved interpersonal relationships among pregnant women who practiced yoga.

Beyoga has found after 17 years of teaching pregnancy yoga, that most women leave the classes feeling relaxed and more confidant about giving birth. Most of the pregnant women report they slept better and the pregnancy yoga helped them to connect to their babies and feel stronger physically.

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