home visits

In the sanctuary of your home, you can have a personalised yoga and or counselling session Рtailored just for you.   A personalised yoga and or counselling session suits women at all stages of their life and especially:

Trying to fall pregnant
Fertility yoga
Relaxation and mindfulness techniques

yoga practice for pregnancy and birth implementing beyoga’s proven active birth skills. These sessions include a personalized program which will address any pregnancy difficulties ie bad back, weak pelvic floor etc. The yoga is gentle and takes into consideration any physical or emotional needs you may have. You will leave each session feeling physically soothed and strengthened and emotionally connected to your baby and with more confidence to give birth and be a beautiful mum.
If you are Suffering from prenatal anxiety and depression counselling coupled with yoga is a very positive and useful way to help you through this time.

New mother
When you are a new mother sometimes it is difficult to leave the house. If you would like the support of yoga and or counselling Katie will come to you. Katie has 18 years experience of mother and baby yoga and counselling.
postnatal yoga practice to help strengthen and relax the body, ie the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
mother and baby bonding through mindfulness and yoga.
counselling for postnatal depression and anxiety.

Counselling and parenting skills using a variety of holistic and congnitive tools.
yoga practice for mindfulness and stress release.
Mindful mediations skills for parenting.

Pre and Post menopause
Hormonal support through yoga that supports the hormonal systems of the body.
Relaxation techniques to ease and sooth hormonal stresses.

Infact if you are a woman with any
physical or emotional issues, Katie’s 18 years of proven expertise of teaching and practicing yoga and counselling will be able to help you.

Contact Katie for your own private yoga session by email beyoga