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On this page you are just one click away from recommended yoga practices for beginners.  beyoga understands that it may not always be easy to attend a yoga classes for many reasons.  beyoga will review yoga practices that they believe may help you on your yoga journey.

We believe the best way to practice yoga is to practice regularly and for shorter periods of time. We don’t think doing a practice that is longer then 30 minutes will be sustainable on your own. If you are disciplined enough to do a yoga practice for more then 30 minutes then good on you. With each practice we humbly add some suggestions to the practice. Of course this is just beyoga’s opinion and you can take or leave the advice. It is very important to always practice at your own speed and build on each practice. We recommend doing the same practice more then once, infact quite a few times, so that practice can become more of a meditation as you become familiar with all the postures and breathing.

Here are my top 5 online yoga practices for beginners.

The first practice that I really liked is from lululemon

Feedback on this free online video for beginners are 3 variations on 3 of the postures:

This is not a prenatal yoga practice. Please only practice prenatal yoga when pregnant

1. Keep your hands on the ground next to your feet when you do the lunge if you are not flexible through your quadriceps.
2. When you do the squat you may need to put a rolled up towel under your heels to make the squat easier.
3. When you go into standing forward bend, you can leave your hands next to your feet and have your knees bent if your thighs are tight.

Carolyn’s voice is very soothing and natural and the class is simple and not over complicated. The music is excellent and the twenty minutes went by very quickly without once thinking “when will this be finished”. Infact a longer sivasana – (relaxation) would have been nice – you could always pause the video here.

Another great practice is my women’s home practice.  This yoga practice is great for all women and is very soothing and healing for fertility, hormonal issues and especially good for post natal practice before moving into a more physical yoga practice.

women’s yoga home practice