commonly asked questions

When can I start prenatal yoga practice or class

It is always wise to have your 12 week scan before starting prenatal yoga and having the ok from your health care provider. However, if you have practiced yoga before and want a gentler practice for the first trimester you can still go to a qualified prenatal yoga teacher.

Do I need to have practiced yoga before starting a prenatal yoga class?

You do not need to have practiced yoga before starting any prenatal yoga class (if the teacher is qualified. A good teacher will teach prenatal yoga in a way that is suitable for any woman no matter if you haven’t practiced yoga before.

Do I need to attend prenatal yoga classes every week?

The more you practice throughout your pregnancy the more you are able to access your innate ability to breath and move through discomfort, bond with your baby and feel at ease with giving birth and becoming a mother. However if you cannot attend a class for any reason you can always do beyoga’s 25 minute home practice.

What do I bring to prenatal yoga class?

A bottle of water, some layers of clothing, and always a little humour

Will I be singled out if I can’t do a yoga pose?

No, if the teacher is a good then you should never feel singled out in any yoga class, let alone a pregnancy yoga class.

I have put on a bit of weight and don’t feel very fit during my pregnancy, can I still come?

Yes you can. The classes are designed for all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes.

Are there any contraindications or health/emotional issues I should tell you about before I practice

Yes, you must always tell the teacher, if you have low lying placenta, high or low blood pressure, your baby is breach or posterior, any structural issues with your back or pelvic girdle, ie pelvic instability and any emotional issues you may have like pre-natal depression or anxiety. All information is confidential and you can request that it isn’t mentioned in class. This information will help the teacher to use specific yoga and wellbeing techniques to help you during the pregnancy yoga class.