Katie is passionate about women’s mental and emotional wellbeing and has much experience in all aspects of holistic counselling. Katie’s particular interests include:

prenatal anxiety and depression;
postnatal – debrief of birth and postnatal depression and anxiety;
mothering at any stage of life;
perimenopause and menopause.

For private sessions of counselling please contact Katie via emailĀ beyoga

Katie is a qualified holistic counsellor and Senior Yoga Teacher of Australia and uses transformational techniques in her counselling sessions to help you feel more strengthened and connected to your every day life.

Katie has worked in a non for profit counselling women with substance issues and is a qualified Parenting under Pressure trainer.

Katie has also worked extensively with pre and postnatal depression and has a deep understanding of the bio social physical model of depression and anxiety that presents during pregnancy and becoming a mother. Katie draws on her somatic and yoga experience coupled with her counselling experience to give you real tools you can use as soon as you leave the counselling session.