children’s yoga classes

Children’s yoga classes

Children’s yoga classes coming to Brunswick

The children’s yoga classes teach yoga in a child friendly fun way using, props and obstacles to balance and concentrate (gross motor skills) stories, dance and games weaving in traditional yoga postures for strength and flexibility, gross motor skill development, relaxation and meditation to help emotional intelligence. The children are encouraged to use their own wonderful imagination to help counter the effects of a world full of technology.
Katie is a senior Level 3 yoga teacher and has worked in a Not-For-Profit agency as a family counsellor for children aged 6 – 13 years.
Katie has also been teaching children’s yoga privately and in schools since 2002 and is a local mum of two boys aged 15 and 17.
The children’s classes are suitable for children aged 5 – 9

contact Katie either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or emailĀ beyoga for enquiries for private sessions with your child