beyoga was founded by Katie Rawling in 2000 and specialises in prenatal yoga, mother and baby yoga and children’s yoga including school incursions.    Katie has a Diploma in Health Yoga (over 1000 contact hours) from 2001, Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Certificate in Children’s Yoga and a Parenting Under Pressure therapist. She also has a BBus from RMIT

Katie is a very intuitive, empathetic practitioner and will often help women to feel much better within one or two sessions. Profound changes can take place after a session with Katie as tension and blockages held for many years (even from childhood) start to dissolve.

Katie was first introduced to her own yoga practice around 1995 in London,  and when she was practicing prenatal yoga with her first child started a 2 year Australian accredited  Diploma in Health and Yoga.  Realising the great benefits of a prenatal yoga and postnatal wellbeing practice, during her own pregnancy, and after the birth of her son, Katie started teaching prenatal and postnatal wellbeing practices and hasn’t looked  back.

For further information please contact Katie either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or email beyoga

beyoga principal - prenatal yoga teacher Katie Rawling
Katie has a BBus RMIT, Diploma of Health (Yoga), Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Cert Children’s yoga, is a qualified Parenting under Pressure Therapist and has done training in somatic body therapies