Hi, i founded beyoga in 2000 with a special interest at the time in prenatal yoga, mother and baby yoga and children’s yoga including school incursions.  I was completing my Diploma in Health/Yoga which was a two year part-time yoga teaching course (we were the first year intake of this course) designed by Leigh Blashki my mentor and teacher at the time. The course was over 1000 hours of contact hours and by the time we left our training we had experienced the wonderful teachings from a diverse range of experienced yoga teachers with many years experience. I was lucky to have attained my training at that time due to the rigorous process we were all put through to achieve our Diploma.

I was pregnant with my first son at the start of the course and he was born March 2000. I suppose this is where i developed my keen interest in all aspects of women’s wellbeing and especially designing pregnancy yoga and mother and baby yoga classes. I ran a mothers and baby yoga class out of the Elwood beach community rooms back in 2002.

I’m not very good at talking myself up and have found the new wave of yoga teachers posing for instagram and social media hard to grapple with. I’m not sure that was what my yoga teachings was about. i.e. moving out of our ego into a more higher mind. However, I do believe I am very intuitive and empathetic practitioner and will help any woman I work with to feel more in tune with their body, breath and emotions. I have had great feedback in relation to my group and private sessions.

I was first introduced to my own yoga practice around 1995 in London and moved out of a career in IT when I was pregnant with my first child and started the Diploma in Yoga. I believe there are many profound benefits in practicing yoga during any woman’s life. As long as the practice honours every woman’s journey and where they are at in that moment. The most important tool I feel I can give any woman is to trust her intuition, listen to her body and breath and use the yoga practice to make profound changes physically, emotionally and mentally in her everyday life.

For further information please contact Katie either by phone (03) 9489 9591 or email beyoga

beyoga principal - prenatal yoga teacher Katie Rawling
Katie has a BBus RMIT, Diploma of Health (Yoga), Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Cert Children’s yoga, is a qualified Parenting under Pressure Therapist and has done training in somatic body therapies